December 19, 2020

Americans Show Refreshing Consensus On Top Holiday Song

Do you need some relief from the raging political divide of 2020? Well, the polling unit over at CBS News may have just fulfilled your wish. In their recent national survey, CBS asked Americans to name their favorite holiday song. As the accompanying chart shows, the trusty old staple 'Jingle Bells' topped the list with almost 12%. Think of it—about 1 in 8 Americans actually can agree on something.

Moreover, the song they agree on is about as non-controversial as you can get—the celebration of riding across the snow in a "one-horse open sleigh". And, Jingle Bells has no real religious connotations. In fact, it only talks about having fun (remember that?)—making reference to "laughing all the way". When was the last time you laughed even part of the way?

Scanning the list of responses, it's interesting that pretty much half the songs simply celebrate the season—without specific reference to anything religious. This fits the American model. It is precisely our commitment to being a secular nation that allows religious liberty to flourish. So, let's all throw open our windows and "sing this sleighing song" tonight.