January 8, 2021

PREVIEW: First Episode Of Polity's 'Polling Station' Podcast

The inaugural episode of Polity's podcast, "The Polling Station" will be available soon on the Anchor platform. The podcast series will be hosted by Polity Research CEO Ernest Paicopolos, and will feature discussions with prominent figures in politics, business and public affairs.

The first episode will discuss the impact of the 2020 Presidential Election on the contours of American politics—as well as its impact on the polling profession itself. The first guests are:

David A. Paleologos, President, DAPA Research. Dave is one of the most accurate and respected political pollsters in the nation. He is Director of the Suffolk University Research Center (SURC) and maintains several media polling partnerships—including USA Today and The Boston Globe. He appears regularly on national media broadcasts.

David E. Williams, President, Williams and Associates. Dave has a decades-long career in public opinion and market research, and has traveled the world conducting political research in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for the International Republican Institute (IRI). He began his career with Cambridge Survey Research (CSR).

"The Polling Station" will strive to be substantive—but not stodgy. To that end, guests will be asked to bring their favorite coffee to the podcast—and tell us what it is they love about it. In the end, we hope these podcasts will be informative, entertaining and useful in these interesting times. We hope you'll join us! Stay tuned for a launch date schedule.