March 9, 2021

Surveying Employees In The Emerging New Normal

Conducting opinion polling among employees has long been an important way for companies—large and small—to be in touch with the wants, needs and desires of their workforce. But traditional areas of exploration—like compensation, communication, and camaraderie—have been eclipsed by new pandemic-driven concerns. 

Clearly, a safe and healthy workplace is paramount to most employees as we begin to think about a return to some sense of normalcy in the months ahead. But there are larger, more over-arching issues that many employees are already thinking about. According to several recent surveys, upwards of nine in ten employees are "just fine" with working from home—although about two-thirds also look forward to "some" time in a brick-and-mortar office setting. 

This is leading many organizations to think about a "Hub and Home" strategy—where employees work remotely 50%-65% of the time and also meet in an office setting on certain designated days. This strategy leads to all sorts of associated issues. For example, should there be traditional "assigned" personal office space—or just large meeting areas with flexible seating options? 

The bottom line is employers need to know how their workforce feels about all of these issues—and many more. A comprehensive employee research plan—both quantitative and qualitative—can offer guidance in this complex period we are all about to enter. Virtual focus groups, WEB-based surveys and and a myriad of other research tools can help employers move into this "new normal" period with the information they need to make the right decisions.